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Gallery: Appearances Update

I have added over 200 pictures of Sam from his recent appearances from the CMA Festival to his most recent at the Windy City Country Music Festival. So check those out in the gallery.

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Sam Hunt Will Take A Jack Daniels And Water, In Case You Ever See Him At A Bar

Taking over the country world with his smooth talking and great fashion, Sam Hunt has quickly become a fan-favorite.

His debut album, Montevallo, has seen #1 singles with ‘Take Your Time,’ ‘Leave the Light On,’ and ‘House Party,’ was nominated for Best Country Album at the Grammys, and he was nominated for Best New Artist. He’s also written songs for Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, Reba McEntire, Billy Currington, and more.

If you ever find yourself at a bar with Sam Hunt, make sure to get him a whiskey and water and start up a chat, because he’ll be one of the friendliest people at the bar.

Taking a quick detour from Kenny Chesney’s tour, Sam chatted with Kasper about his hat collection, sports, and whether he’s still driving his grandmother’s car!

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William Michael Morgan Not Drinking Anti-Sam Hunt Haterade

William Michael Morgan is a proud “hat act,” but his first single was co-written by the antithesis of hat acts. Sam Hunt helped write “I Met a Girl,” and Morgan says he’s not only a big fan of the song, he’s a big fan of Hunt’s.

Morgan appreciates Usher as much as he does country legends like Willie and Merle, but his sound and style is undeniably country. This dichotomy has led to many fans criticizing him for choosing a Hunt song as his first single. Hunt cut “I Met a Girl” for his Between the Pines album in 2013.

“There’s always gonna be people drinking that haterade, man,” Morgan tells Taste of Country prior to his performance at the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival. “I like to drink tea, I don’t drink haterade.”

The new father says he puts his spin on the song, making it “hat country.” But that shouldn’t be interpreted as criticism for what the “Make You Miss Me” singer recorded.

“Not knocking Sam’s version at all,” the 23-year-old says. “That’s why we fell in love with the song.”

“I love his style of writing, I love his melodies. I literally saw that girl, crossing the street with her baby blues, biting her lip, fixing her dress. He’s got a great way of painting those pictures.”

Could the two work together one day? Morgan says he hopes they can in the future. His set in Hunter Mountain showcased his love for traditional country. Covers of hits by Mark Chestnutt, Keith Whitley and David Allan Coe were sprinkled between originals. The one time he crossed genres it was to include the Georgia Satellites’ “Keep Your Hands to Yourself.”

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Neal McCoy Covers Sam Hunt Metal-Style at 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival

You can’t accuse Neal McCoy of being out of step with the times. The veteran country star gave fans one of the most unexpectedly awesome onstage moments at the 2016 Taste of Country Music Festival on Sunday (June 12).

The singer took the stage in mid-afternoon at Hunter Mountain in New York, following an earlier set from Outshyne on the final day of the three-day country music and camping festival. The first two days of ToC Fest had already seen hot sets from the likes of the Cadillac Three, Big & Rich, Kid Rock, Old Dominion, the Swon Brothers, Eric Paslay, Frankie Ballard, Kenny Chesney and more. McCoy is especially well-known for his live shows, and he brought some serious energy and infectious humor to the Ram Guts & Glory Stage.

McCoy’s hour-long set included plenty of his own hits and fan favorites from across the decades, but he also included covers of “Uptown Funk,” Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror,” “Kiss an Angel Good Morning” and even Sam Hunt‘s “House Party.” The first three were pretty close to the originals, but in the loose spirit of fun that pervades his shows, McCoy and his band re-arranged the Hunt track in a beefed-up heavy metal arrangement, including his keyboardist playing a keytar onstage and McCoy himself delivering part of the song in a throat-shredding, distorted metal vocal style, much to the crowd’s astonished delight.

McCoy offered up energetic renditions of songs including ‘The Shake,” “I Like It Loud,” “They’re Playing Our Song” and “No Doubt About It,” warning fans that he had performed that song at the weddings of Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey, as well as Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert. “You know what happened there,” he quipped, “so if you’re thinking about playing this song as your first dance … ”

He included a sincere version of “How Great Thou Art” before wrapping up his set with “Billy’s Got His Beer Goggles On” and “Wink,” leaving the stage to the powerful strains of “I’m Your Biggest Fan,” which McCoy dedicated to both his own fans and the U.S. military. He left the fans with one final comedy turn, telling them, “If you liked [the concert], let Taste of Country know. If you didn’t like it, when you get back to your tent or your truck, I hope someone’s broken in and stolen all your sh-t,” drawing roars of laughter from the fans. “That’s karma, right there.”

McCoy released his most recent album, You Don’t Know Me, exclusively online or via his fan club.

Sam Hunt Is ‘Hoping There’s a Possibility’ He’s Not Single by the End of Summer
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Sam Hunt Is ‘Hoping There’s a Possibility’ He’s Not Single by the End of Summer

Sam Hunt just released his new music video for “Single for the Summer,” but life may not be imitating art for long for the country star.

“I am [single],” he told CMT on the red carpet at the CMT Music Awards. “It’s the beginning of the summer . . . I am.”

But just ’cause he’s flying solo doesn’t mean Hunt’s not looking for that one special gal.

“I’m not at the same place I was when I wrote this song a few years ago,” he said, adding that he’s “hoping there’s a possibility” he’s no longer single by the fall.

Last year, Hunt, 31, opened up to PEOPLE about his perfect girl. “I think somebody who’s open-minded, honest,” he said. “Honesty is a big thing with me. The ‘it factor’ is one of those things you can’t put in a category . . . You just have to feel when you feel it.”