Dr. Sameer Jejurikar Shares How Breast Implants Have Come A Long Way

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Sameer Jejurikar says that his profession is a blend of science, skill, and art. He is a Dallas board-certified plastic surgeon who works at the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He works on his patient’s eyes, nose, face, breast, and body.

He has received high marks from his past patients and was once honored for his compassion. He has earned very positive marks when it comes his ability to provide clarity in his instructions, his ability to answer questions, and how thorough his examinations are. These reviews are aggregated by Binary Fountain which takes them from hundreds of websites and then compiles 10 different metrics based on patient experiences.

Dr. Sammer Jejurikar has been a plastic surgeon for several years. He went to the University of Michigan Medical School to earn his medical degree. His surgeries are performed at Pine Creek Medical Center and the Texas Health Presybeterian Hospital Dallas.

Dr. Sameer Jejurikar has a blog on which he keeps people up to date about various plastic surgery issues. He says that his industry is constantly evolving and making improvements. This includes breast augmentation surgery which has really advanced over the past few years. He points to improvements for both breast implant shells and the gel that is used. The first silicone implants were mostly liquid and, combined with wispy shells, they were prone to leakage.

On his blog, he states that it was in 2013 that the FDA approved a cohesive gel implant that has become the most common breast implant since. Dr. Sameer Jejurikar says that plastic surgeons often refer to them as gummy bear implants because they feel pretty much identical to that candy. This implant not only gives the best aesthetic results but it also deemed to be much safer than the implants of the past.

Find out more about Sameer: https://www.vitals.com/doctors/Dr_Sameer_Jejurikar.html

Yanni Hufnagel Heads to Vanderbilt from Harvard

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Yanni Hufnagel, an assistant basketball coach that helped guide Harvard to their first ever March Madness win is leaving the Ivy League school for a position on Vanderbilt University’s coaching staff.


In an interview by Molly Parr with JewishBoston, Hufnagel explains that Vanderbilt’s reputation, recent success and pedigree, visibility, and being in the SEC was too good of an opportunity to pass up. He says it was a tough decision, because he cares deeply about the program at Harvard that he assisted in cultivating. He discusses the difficulty in letting his players know his decision.


Hufnagel is known as an excellent recruiter. He’s humbled when he hears that and says that he always tries to take a positive approach and that everything starts with high energy. In his coaching career he worked with NBA stars Jeremy Lin and Blake Griffin while they were in college. When asked what he looks for in a player, Hufnagel says that conversation will reveal a lot about how a working relationship will go. Hufnagel insists he has learned from working with very good coaches. He goes on to explain that having a good staff is key, as having more eyes in a recruit is better than only one pair.


In terms of analytics, Hufnagel says that advanced statistics are growing and are beginning to transform basketball. He states that statistician Ken Pomeroy is leading the charge for college basketball in particular. Although Hufnagel believes that basketball will not become like baseball, where analytics dominate discourse and approach to the sport, as baseball is all about the match-up between a batter and pitcher. Basketball is different, has a lot more variables, and is “much more fluid.”


Parr ends the interview by asking if Yanni Hufnagel can dunk. He responds by saying that while he can shoot with enough time and space, he has worked with much better shooters he would rather put his trust in. Learn more about Yanni on yannihufnagel.me






Nick Vertucci – A Great Fanatic and a Big Time Poker Player

Since 2000, Nick Vertucci has been able to maintain a balance in various career interests. These careers include investing, real estate, writing, and poker. Poker is the recent career that he has taken by boom making a great name due to his tremendous reputation. He has been passionate about poker game for quite a long time. His passion for the game is mainly because it requires incredible skills to master and plays successfully with very little investment for anyone to get started. Nick has already proven his full potential and ability in real estate investment. He has managed to become a millionaire in a few years via real estate business. He has currently shifted his interest in poker games. He has started making a name in the professional poker scene.

Nick Vertucci passion in poker started way back even before he attained his millionaire status via real estate investments. He believes that this interest has dramatically contributed to his entire success. This is partially true in that he has competed against some of the internationally recognized professional poker players. The other factor is that poker game utilizes many similar skills to those required in real estate which has turned him into an even greater investor. In poker, having the ability to read others is among the most significant and most critical skills simply because another player could either have a great hand or completely nothing.

Through playing poker, Nick Vertucci has learned to read his opponents to a whole new level. He can understand their intention as well as their next move against him. Poker has also tremendously benefited Nick as it has improved his emotional control. Nick has learned to conceal his real feelings to hide the emotions that come from either a good hand or a bad hand. This highly related to real estate business since if a seller discovers that Nick Vertucci is disintegrated emotionally, they know that they have the power to negotiate against him.

Malcolm CasSelle’s Involvement with South Korea

Malcolm CasSelle is well known as an entrepreneur, and he is also recognized in the business as being in multiple highly ranked roles of brands such as OPSkins, Worldwide Asset eXchange, tronc, Inc, and SeaChange International. CasSelle has also been involved with a lot of digital industries, such as when he was part of a joint venture with Tencent alongside China for online mobile phone apps MediaPass, Xfire, and Groupon; he even got to contribute to the likes of Facebook and Zynga as an early stage investor for both companies.

Malcolm CasSelle first began his work with online businesses when he was the CTO of an AOL launched website known as NetNoir, which was made for African Americans as it specialized in news and politics regarding them. Later on, he then went to serve for a company known as Pacific Century Cyberworks, a Hong Kong service provider; throughout his involvement, he was both a vice president and an advisor for the CEO of PCCW. CasSelle went on to work for Capital Union Investments as its private direct investment manager. Because of his involvement with Asian businesses, he’s grown to be very fluent in Japanese and Mandarin.

CasSelle eventually went to be a part of the cryptocurrency business in South Korea, where he would then propose to bring Blockchain, a bitcoin block explorer service. While South Korea has been focusing on anti-money laundering laws of late, the bitcoin services still continue to grow despite being recently made, and Malcolm CasSelle’s involvement with previous online businesses made the South Korea cryptocurrency market even bigger. With the prior knowledge of the blockchain-esque networks that CasSelle has in his head, the growing need for Blockchain results in even more individuals wanting to be a part of the already large population of cryptocurrency related markets.

Advice to upcoming and existing entrepreneurs by Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan is an entrepreneur and the chief executive officer of ATS Digital Services, a tech company with operations in the United States. He is among the entrepreneurs making strides in the advancement of technology.

Robert Deignan’s career

Robert Deignan is a graduate of Purdue University with a degree in business management. He has two decades of professional experience in the tech sector. Robert Deignan has always had an entrepreneurial mind, upon graduating from college, Robert established his firm company Fanlink.

Through this business, he was able to nurture his vision and passion for technology solutions. While growing this organization, he was also able to develop customer service skills that have proven effective. Robert Deignan later joined iS3 Inc as the company’s president. During his tenure at Is3, he was able to redefine his skills as well as assist this business in meeting the tech needs of its clients. Having served this company for a while, he then established ATS Digital Services.

Five success tips by Robert Deignan

Robert Deignan’s success has made him one of the most looked upon entrepreneurs. Often he advises people who wish to invest in business endeavors. Recently, during an interview with The Gazette, he gave tips to newbies on how to become successful entrepreneurs. Among the things he talked about include;

  1. Trusting one’s instincts

According to Robert Deignan, when it comes to making decisions, it is advisable that one trusts their gut. Hesitation could be detrimental in decision making. It is fitting that business people act quickly for better outcomes.

  1. Documenting ideas

This professional often writes down ideas before analyzing them. This skill enables him to critically screen those that are profitable and discard ones that are not.

  1. Trust the employees

Robert Deignan postulates that employees are the key people that help grow a business. He encourages entrepreneurs to have faith in their workforce and develop a hiring culture in their company.

  1. Keep family off business

Hiring friends and relatives could be detrimental to a start-up. According to this entrepreneur, working with this cadre of people clouds one’s judgment when it comes to making those tough decisions.

  1. Reinvent yourself

As a businessperson, it is essential to take time to yourself as it helps refine ideas and shape creativity. Robert Deignan encourages people to develop a habit of finding time for themselves as it enhances productivity.



Wen By Chaz: Hair Care Products for all Women

All women want to have a great look. To achieve this, so much has to be done. Women have been forced to spend so much on hair products over the years so that they can maintain beautiful hair. However, there are people do not understand the right products for their hair, and they end up causing trouble for their hair. There are many products in the American market at the moment. Each product has a specific purpose, and it should be used in the right way so that the client can achieve the look they need. Your hair has to be healthy at all times so that it can give you a great look. Here are some essential items you should always have:




All women, regardless of their age and race should have a high quality nourishing shampoo and conditioner placed in the shower. When purchasing these products on QVC, it is paramount to keep in mind your hair texture and type. This is the only way you are going to create the hair base you desire. Most styling products work perfectly when an individual has used a good shampoo and conditioner. Speak to a professional who will advise you about your hair type and product to use so that you are on the safe side.




Some people believe that when their hair is super fine, they do not require a thickening spray. According to dictionary.com, this should not be the case. Thickening products are a must have, whether your hair is medium and hick. Wen urges their customers that this kind of product will help them to hold the hair in place.


If you are in search of ideal hair products that will not disappoint you, it is time to consider getting WEN By Chaz items. The American based company is not new in the market, and it has hair care products for all hair types. Most of the clients visiting the institution say that they noticed that their hair textures and looks improved when they started using wen.com products.

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Igor Cornelsen: An Investment Banker Par Excellence

A native of Curitiba City, Igor Cornelsen has built a successful career as an investment banker by combining two different fields: engineering and economics. His devotion to offering fact-based financial investment advisory devoid of unfounded opinions of other analysts points to his early university education at the Federal University of Parana; a prestigious engineering school in his home state of Parana. For two years, Igor Cornelsen studied engineering at the school. However, his discovered his passion was in economics and made a life-defining decision to change his course.

Changing Courses

Despite changing courses, his first few years into his new job after graduating in 1970 pointed to his mastery of numbers; a skill he learned in engineering classes. Within six short years, he had been appointed Multibanco’s chief executive officer after previously serving on its board for two years from 1974. In 1978, Igor made another career-defining move by joining Unibanco’s; a firm which specialized in investment banking. He would spend seven years at the firm before setting his eyes to new challenges both locally and overseas.

New Career Challenges: The Road to Entrepreneurship

Cornelsen’s career as an investment banker has been marked by making brave decisions. An avid believer in the importance of information in investment banking, Cornelsen made a career leap in 1985 by joining Libra Bank PLC as an investment specialist. The bank, a subsidiary of London Merchant Bank, paid its employees in dollars. The dollarization of salaries opened new investment opportunities globally and set him on the course to becoming an entrepreneur in the investment banking sector. While he later joined Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and served on its board for seven years, Igor had already set his eyes on a new course for his career. He left the bank in 1995 to found a successful investment banking firm. Through the firm, he offers information-based investment advisory by monitoring economies and networking with colleagues.

Neurocore: Do Sleep Disorders Trigger Mental Conditions?

There is a close connection between mental disorders and sleep disorders. Medical experts explain that sleep disorders may act as triggers or contributing factors to mental conditions like depression, anxiety and bipolar. The listed mental conditions lower the quality of life of the affected persons. The victims may experience mood swings, reduced productivity and other complications. Sleep disorders increase the risk of contracting health conditions like cancer, heart complications, obesity, depression, and anxiety. Currently, it is estimated that more 16 billion dollars are spent on offering medical services for sleep disorders. It is thus advisable to ensure that one has enough hours of sleep. In the case of the victims, there are behavioral and medical interventions that may help them register an improved quality of life. See more information about Neurocore at Linkedin.com.

Since 2004, Neurocore has been helping a variety of individuals with a variety of issues that are brain related. The company excels at the use of a revolutionary therapy called neurofeedback therapy and has had great experience helping people cope from issues that range from ADHD, insomnia, anxiety and depression to name a few. By analyzing the brains of the patients, the staff at Neurocore are able to develop an ideal treatment plan for each individual that comes through their doors. Recently, Neurocore has been expanding its scope and has been actively helping people in another realm. This is the realm of sports performance. Neurocore has been making some big strides at helping to train the brains of athletes and people from a variety of sports have been seeking out the help of the company to take advantage of these revolutionary brain training exercises that seem to help prepare an athlete mentally in the same way that physical training prepares them physically. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.


It serves as the most common sleep disorder and affects more than 1/3 of the Americans. It is the chronic lack of sleep and is caused by factors such as anxiety, depression, stress, drug abuse, and medications. Dealing with the condition calls for behavioral therapy or medications to reduce depression. It has adverse impacts on the victim’s quality of life and also reduces the productivity levels.

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Sleep Apnea

It causes a blockage in the airway. The blockage may either be complete or partial, and the victim may not notice the events. Some of the symptoms that are linked to the condition include loud snoring, morning headaches and being sleepy during the day. However, the condition can be resolved through the use of a CPAP machine that function to keep the airwaves open.




The condition borders the lack of sleep and oversleeping. It is caused by the reduction in the number of brain cells that secrete hypocretin which plays the role of regulating wakefulness. Victims may experience sleep attacks, disrupted nighttime sleep, excessive sleepiness, hallucinations, and other complications. However, it can be addressed by seeking medical services. There is the probability of reducing the risk factor to such conditions by ensuring that one has an adequate sleep. It serves as one of the ways that one may boost both mental and physical health while equally enhancing the productivity levels. Follow Neurocore on Twitter.

Talkspace Gets Support From Celebrity Partnership

Getting therapy is nothing to be ashamed of, but there are some people that feel that there is a stigma attached to it. There are definitely reasons to see a therapist that you may not realize as beneficial in the beginning. Much of this comes down to the fact that there are so many issues that people deal with because of the events that happened in their lives. There are people that are seeking therapy after a family member has died. Others are in need of therapy because they simply have a hard time seeing life as a gift. When you have suicidal types of tendencies it is time for you to seek treatment and get help.

Michael Phelps has partnered recently with Talkspace in his revelation about his own depression. He is someone that has been able to seek help, and he urges other people to do the same. This is what the Talkspace app is about. It is therapy by way of text message, and people are excited about the possibilities that this app has because so many that have been embarrassed to reach out to a therapist.

Everyone needs a resourceful person to discuss their problems with. People need the ability to handle situations that happen with some level of stability. There is a lot that comes with the task of living from day to day when you are a husband, wife, child or parent of someone else. Michael Phelps was actually a Olympic gold medal winning athlete that was at the top of his game. He was making millions and he felt that he was in a place where he should be happy with a spouse and a child, but he was still feeling the effects of depression. This is when he decided to reach out and get help.

Keeping your sanity is going to require help sometimes. You need the ability to reach out to someone when you are having problems. With Talkspace you have the ability to do this without losing yourself in the process. You can talk to someone by way of text message in order to get your point across.

Stephen M Hicks: Taking Southridge Capital Higher

Southridge Capital is a top American company that is always associated with success, especially in the finance industry. Many people from all over the globe are interested in understanding how the company has reached so many milestones in such a short time. The institution takes special care of all its customers in the public department, and this has ensured that it doesn’t lose any client. What many have never realized is the fact that the organization has been running successfully because it was founded by an executive who knows the industry inside out. Stephen Hicks is the great pillar of success at Southridge Capital.


As the founding principal of Southridge Capital, Stephen M Hicks was forced to first understand the American market before he could start the company operations. The businessman has been in charge of all the strategic directives taking place in the company, and he has made sure that business execution and developments are taking place in the best way possible. Stephen Hicks is no stranger to the finance market, and this explains why he boasts of a wealth of experience. Before he could start Southridge Capital, the American finance executive had been in the investment industry for close to thirty years, and he had helped so many investments to thrive. Those who are in the investment market understand how difficult things have become in the recent years. However, with so much knowledge in financial structuring, investment banking, risk arbitrage, and derivatives, Stephen has taken charge of the situation, ensuring that his customers are happy.


While speaking about his company in a recent interview, Stephen states that he decided to start Southridge when he was still employed in one of the hedge fund in the country. When the principal in the firm decided that he was going to Australia and stay for a year, Stephen felt that it was time to start his business and grow it into a better institution. Stephen started his company, Southridge Capital, and still continued to work for his Australian boss. Many years later, the hedge fund has reached many milestones, and it has also managed to acquire many customers. For more details you can checkout citybizlist.com



Visit: https://ideamensch.com/stephen-hicks/