Richard Mishaan Design Puts a Focus on Modern and Luxurious

Even though a lot of design firms are able to work with your own tastes and desires, many of them have their own specialties. Richard Mishaan Design is no exception. If you take a look at his portfolio, you’ll see that he has worked with many different interior design styles and has done so very well. However, perhaps what he is best at is combining modern and luxurious for a truly impressive look.


One excellent example of his style can be found in his portfolio with “Met Home.” In typical New York City fashion, this design features a lot of black. However, it’s far from depressing or boring. Implementing throughout are fun patterns and touches of gray and blue to help add some color and pizzazz. The furnishings are all in a modern style, but they are also incredibly luxurious. It’s a design that you might expect to see in a trendy five-star hotel and that is welcoming enough that it’s a perfect choice for a New York City home or apartment.


By taking a look at his portfolio, you can see many more examples much like this one that incorporate luxurious pieces with modern colors and styles for a truly impressive look. Richard Mishaan of Richard Mishaan Design has also written two books about combining modern looks with luxurious furnishings to achieve the look that you want. Those who want to learn a little more about interior design and who like the Richard Mishaan Design style might enjoy “Artfully Modern” and “Modern Luxury,” his two books.


For those who are located in or around New York City and who would love to reimagine their spaces, working with Richard Mishaan Design can be an excellent choice. Richard Mishaan Design also focuses on architecture and landscaping architecture to provide clients with the complete, cohesive modern and luxurious package.

Changing Real Estate Industry with Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker as a wealthy businessman and investor he has been able to achieve a lot of success and has enabled many organization to prosper hence making him one of the known flourishing businessman globally. As the managing partner at Madison Partners LLC, he has been able to develop the company to provide better services. In an article on NY Curbed, his accomplishment is because of him working at Zinio LLC and NaviSite as the CEO and Chairman of the organizations whereby they offered Internet technology services hence he was to attain more skills and experience. Furthermore, he worked as a private investor in real estate and technology when he left both the companies.

According to Huffingtonpost, Madison Partners the organization specializes in both real estate sector and Bio Tech innovativeness. Due to the knowledge, he had attained from his previous work made him develop the organization. Also with the new techniques in that, he provided in the company enabled him to manage the organization better and more clients keep coming for more.

New York, Suvillivan is an estate which he is about to complete and also building a house in Tribeca. His achievement is because of the belief of cooperation among the staff members of the company these enable them to commit themselves to working hard for a better outcome. Check out Bloomberg to know more.

Bio Tech is one of the main interests that he always loved these led to him in providing better cancer therapy technology to the cancer patients. Apart from that he as well ensures that he assists upcoming entrepreneurs to start their businesses and developing them and be more successful. His better thinking is how he is able to solve the company problems and making the company grow rapidly.

Arthur Becker also abides by his values through observing the market trend in order to be ahead of other competitive entrepreneurs and always being solid with the good choices that he makes. He as well ensures that he takes care of his client’s needs first before anything other else hence making him exceptional. Lastly, he has transformed a lot of people businesses these is because of the better guidance that he provides to them.

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Richard Mishaan Design: Transforming Living Spaces

Everyone who knows Richard Mishaan associate him with his firm- Richard Mishaan Design. The firm is one of the best interior design firms in the United States and beyond. The Colombia-born architect and interior designer is a graduate of the New York University where he obtained his BA degree. He is also a graduate of the Colombia University where he studied Architecture.



After completing his studies, Richard Mishaan was lucky to do his apprenticeship at the offices of Johnson Phillips. It was while he was doing his apprenticeship that he decided to come up with his own firm and share his passion with the rest of the world.



About Richard Mishaan Design


Richard Mishaan Design was born out of passion and hard work. Richard Mishaan was keen on establishing a business that would expose him to as many clients as possible. This came to pass and Richard Mishaan Design has been featured by several magazines such as Elle Décor. Some of Richard’s designs have been selected to be on the Elle Décor A List and AD 100.



In order to reach even more people, Richard Mishaan Design has employed various techniques to market their brand worldwide. Richard has also authored two books which give insights into his world of fashion, architecture and interior design. The two books, Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury, have been published by Monacelli Press.



If you are interested in finding out more about Richard Mishaan Design, all you have to do is visit their website. You can go through their profile and portfolio to learn more about their style and execution. Their clients range from residential clients to commercial ones. They get a lot of work from the hospitality sector too. The firm also does landscape design and exterior décor.