Jeremy Goldstein’s Endeavors in serving Corporate Organizations

Jeremy Goldstein is a corporate attorney who currently resides in the United States. He is a lawyer who is well-known as a co-founder of the Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates LLC. Jeremy is singled out for his expertise that entails providing advisory services to organizations on matters that involve employee benefits and corporate governance. Several establishments in the United States acknowledge Mr. Goldstein’s services, which helped them on significant business transactions and complicated scenarios. Jeremy Goldstein’s resilience towards success as a litigation attorney is unimaginable.


The lawyer attended New York University School of Law where he acquired a Juris Doctor. Jeremy Goldstein got employment opportunities at various organizations after completing his university education. Companies that he previously worked for include Verizon, AT&T, Bank One, Duke Energy and Merck. He served the companies for over fifteen years before joining the Jeremy L Goldstein and Associates LLC. The litigation attorney is currently attached at the corporation as the chief executive officer.


Jeremy Goldstein is currently involved with the Fountain House as an executive board member. The firm supports mental health programs for New York residents. He serves the New York University among board members of the Professional Advisory Board. Several chief executive officers, management teams and compensation committees in the United States who seek advisory services on executive pay matters primarily depend on Jeremy Goldstein. He is an individual who believes on knockout options. According to him, the strategy ensures that employees have alternatives stocks that help to boost efficiency in organizations. Knockout options minimize accounting costs, motivate workers, reduce executive compensation, and lowers worries associated with shrinking ownership shares. Apart from being a corporate lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein is an author of several publications. Paying for Long-Term Performance is among journals that he produced. He is proud to be associated with the American Bar Association Business Section and the Mergers and Acquisitions Subcommittee.


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Apparel Company Fabletics Emerges as Top Retailer

In the fashion industry, there are a number of retailers that are competing to get a considerable portion of the market share. However, it is very difficult for a majority due to competition from the e-commerce giant conglomerate Amazon. Since Amazon controls about one fifth or 20% of the total market of the fashion industry, many companies are unable to successful compete on a regular basis. However, a new company known as Fabletics has emerged as one of the few exceptions. Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson and has established itself as a leading fashion retailer with revenues of up to $250 million per year. A major reason why this retailer is among the most successful in the industry is its subscription model. Instead of selling products one by one, the company sells merchandise on a monthly basis by allowing consumers to sign up for a membership. With the added convenience of membership, Fabletics has been able to make sales on a more consistent basis compared to other retailers.


For retailers in the fashion industry to be successful, they have always had to offer both quality merchandise and affordable prices. While these traits are still important today, retailers in this industry need to have more in order to remain competitive. Retailers in the fashion industry, now have to offer other benefits such as a satisfying experience for customers, frequent recognition of their brand and also developing clothing designs that are appealing to most consumers. Fabletics is one company that has provided these things to consumers and has therefore established itself as a leader in the fashion industry. With its subscription model, Fabletics enables consumers to take advantage of discounts and therefore buy merchandise more frequently. This has resulted in the company earning the revenue and achieving the success it has in its brief existence.


Fabletics was founded by Kate Hudson a few years ago and has quickly become a well known brand in the women’s athletic apparel segment. Hudson realized that women’s athletic apparel was very popular and a type of clothing that many active women value. Since a lot of this type of clothing is expensive, Kate looked to provide women with a way to purchase quality athletic apparel at an affordable price. In order to achieve this, Hudson decided to use the reverse showroom technique. The technique entails allowing consumers to evaluate merchandise on the internet and then make the final purchase at a physical storefront location. As a result, Fabletics has provided consumers with the opportunity to find what they want and then purchase it once they have made a final buying decision.