Top Executive Scott Rocklage

Scott Rocklage is the current managing partner of a company known as 5AM Ventures. He has held this position for over ten years since 2004. At this position, Scott has provided leadership an direction for the company in terms of setting and achieving its various goals. As well as being the managing partner, Scott was also the company’s venture partner dating back to 2003. While serving as the venture partner, Scott helped raise capital for the company and work out a number of financial arrangements. He would also hold a number of other top level management positions during his career. Along with being a high level executive at various companies, Scott has also completed advanced degrees in chemistry which demonstrates his level of knowledge in pharmaceuticals.


Prior to beginning his career in the healthcare field, Scott completed a couple of educational programs. While attending the University of California Berkeley, Scott studied chemistry. He would complete a bachelor’s degree in the field and use that to begin his career. Within a few years of completing his bachelor’s degree, Scott would attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he would complete a doctorate degree in chemistry. Both of these degrees would provide Scott with the knowledge necessary to help lead the various companies that he was a part of. They would also give him the credentials to establish himself as an expert in the pharmaceutical industry as well.


Rocklage has many years of professional experience. He has been involved in the healthcare management field for a number of years by holding a number of top level positions. During the course of his career, Scott has been a chief executive officer, board chairman, chairman and also his current position as a managing partner. Each of these positions has allowed Scott to demonstrate his leadership and expertise in the healthcare field. While serving as a top executive, he has been able to provide direction for all of the organizations that he has been a part of. This has included organizing projects, managing employees, and providing guidance to other managers at the companies he has worked with.


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