Talkspace Gets Support From Celebrity Partnership

Getting therapy is nothing to be ashamed of, but there are some people that feel that there is a stigma attached to it. There are definitely reasons to see a therapist that you may not realize as beneficial in the beginning. Much of this comes down to the fact that there are so many issues that people deal with because of the events that happened in their lives. There are people that are seeking therapy after a family member has died. Others are in need of therapy because they simply have a hard time seeing life as a gift. When you have suicidal types of tendencies it is time for you to seek treatment and get help.

Michael Phelps has partnered recently with Talkspace in his revelation about his own depression. He is someone that has been able to seek help, and he urges other people to do the same. This is what the Talkspace app is about. It is therapy by way of text message, and people are excited about the possibilities that this app has because so many that have been embarrassed to reach out to a therapist.

Everyone needs a resourceful person to discuss their problems with. People need the ability to handle situations that happen with some level of stability. There is a lot that comes with the task of living from day to day when you are a husband, wife, child or parent of someone else. Michael Phelps was actually a Olympic gold medal winning athlete that was at the top of his game. He was making millions and he felt that he was in a place where he should be happy with a spouse and a child, but he was still feeling the effects of depression. This is when he decided to reach out and get help.

Keeping your sanity is going to require help sometimes. You need the ability to reach out to someone when you are having problems. With Talkspace you have the ability to do this without losing yourself in the process. You can talk to someone by way of text message in order to get your point across.

Stephen M Hicks: Taking Southridge Capital Higher

Southridge Capital is a top American company that is always associated with success, especially in the finance industry. Many people from all over the globe are interested in understanding how the company has reached so many milestones in such a short time. The institution takes special care of all its customers in the public department, and this has ensured that it doesn’t lose any client. What many have never realized is the fact that the organization has been running successfully because it was founded by an executive who knows the industry inside out. Stephen Hicks is the great pillar of success at Southridge Capital.


As the founding principal of Southridge Capital, Stephen M Hicks was forced to first understand the American market before he could start the company operations. The businessman has been in charge of all the strategic directives taking place in the company, and he has made sure that business execution and developments are taking place in the best way possible. Stephen Hicks is no stranger to the finance market, and this explains why he boasts of a wealth of experience. Before he could start Southridge Capital, the American finance executive had been in the investment industry for close to thirty years, and he had helped so many investments to thrive. Those who are in the investment market understand how difficult things have become in the recent years. However, with so much knowledge in financial structuring, investment banking, risk arbitrage, and derivatives, Stephen has taken charge of the situation, ensuring that his customers are happy.


While speaking about his company in a recent interview, Stephen states that he decided to start Southridge when he was still employed in one of the hedge fund in the country. When the principal in the firm decided that he was going to Australia and stay for a year, Stephen felt that it was time to start his business and grow it into a better institution. Stephen started his company, Southridge Capital, and still continued to work for his Australian boss. Many years later, the hedge fund has reached many milestones, and it has also managed to acquire many customers. For more details you can checkout