Nick Vertucci – A Great Fanatic and a Big Time Poker Player

Since 2000, Nick Vertucci has been able to maintain a balance in various career interests. These careers include investing, real estate, writing, and poker. Poker is the recent career that he has taken by boom making a great name due to his tremendous reputation. He has been passionate about poker game for quite a long time. His passion for the game is mainly because it requires incredible skills to master and plays successfully with very little investment for anyone to get started. Nick has already proven his full potential and ability in real estate investment. He has managed to become a millionaire in a few years via real estate business. He has currently shifted his interest in poker games. He has started making a name in the professional poker scene.

Nick Vertucci passion in poker started way back even before he attained his millionaire status via real estate investments. He believes that this interest has dramatically contributed to his entire success. This is partially true in that he has competed against some of the internationally recognized professional poker players. The other factor is that poker game utilizes many similar skills to those required in real estate which has turned him into an even greater investor. In poker, having the ability to read others is among the most significant and most critical skills simply because another player could either have a great hand or completely nothing.

Through playing poker, Nick Vertucci has learned to read his opponents to a whole new level. He can understand their intention as well as their next move against him. Poker has also tremendously benefited Nick as it has improved his emotional control. Nick has learned to conceal his real feelings to hide the emotions that come from either a good hand or a bad hand. This highly related to real estate business since if a seller discovers that Nick Vertucci is disintegrated emotionally, they know that they have the power to negotiate against him.

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