Gino Pozzo and Family Legacy in Football Clubs

Gino Pozzo is the owner of the famous Watford Football Club based in England. Pozzo’s parents, Gianpaolo Pozzo and Giuliana Pozzo, are enthusiasts and very passionate about football. He was raised in Udinese, Italy. He relocated to United States at the age of 18. His Masters is accredited to Harvard University. The Pozzo family is internationally recognized for their intense passion and love for football. His father, Gianpaolo, bought the Udinese Football Club in 1986, Italy. The funds were sourced from profits gained from the tool creation business of the family.

The Pozzo family has been very participative in the wood making industry for years. Currently, the family is majorly involved in, Finance Mergers and Property Industry, and owns a Spain based business dealing with Electrical Appliances. Since the acquisition of the Udinese Football Club, the family has been iconic in football club ownership internationally. In 2008, the Pozzo family placed their wood making business on sale. This was to help the family bring their focus and attention into football and football clubs. Gino Pozzo reveals that football is not the family’s sole activity, focus or attention but they are rather committed in focusing on football.

The Watford Football Club was purchased in 2012 by Gino Pozzo. His move to purchase the football club was because of the family’s involvement in their local community, and offered to help the football club. At the time of the acquisition, the club was playing Division 4. He states that the family’s passion in football started when his father purchased Udinese Football Club. Gianpaolo’s Udinese Club purchase was inspired and motivated by commitment and passion in helping the club while it faced financial challenges. Udinese Club under the new leadership of Gianpaolo, moved their ranks from Italy’s Serie B to a Champions League level.

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