Igor Cornelsen: An Investment Banker Par Excellence

A native of Curitiba City, Igor Cornelsen has built a successful career as an investment banker by combining two different fields: engineering and economics. His devotion to offering fact-based financial investment advisory devoid of unfounded opinions of other analysts points to his early university education at the Federal University of Parana; a prestigious engineering school in his home state of Parana. For two years, Igor Cornelsen studied engineering at the school. However, his discovered his passion was in economics and made a life-defining decision to change his course.

Changing Courses

Despite changing courses, his first few years into his new job after graduating in 1970 pointed to his mastery of numbers; a skill he learned in engineering classes. Within six short years, he had been appointed Multibanco’s chief executive officer after previously serving on its board for two years from 1974. In 1978, Igor made another career-defining move by joining Unibanco’s; a firm which specialized in investment banking. He would spend seven years at the firm before setting his eyes to new challenges both locally and overseas.

New Career Challenges: The Road to Entrepreneurship

Cornelsen’s career as an investment banker has been marked by making brave decisions. An avid believer in the importance of information in investment banking, Cornelsen made a career leap in 1985 by joining Libra Bank PLC as an investment specialist. The bank, a subsidiary of London Merchant Bank, paid its employees in dollars. The dollarization of salaries opened new investment opportunities globally and set him on the course to becoming an entrepreneur in the investment banking sector. While he later joined Standard Chartered Merchant Bank and served on its board for seven years, Igor had already set his eyes on a new course for his career. He left the bank in 1995 to found a successful investment banking firm. Through the firm, he offers information-based investment advisory by monitoring economies and networking with colleagues.