Ara Chackerian: A Prominent Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur and a business owner. He is a General Partner working in TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian lives in San Francisco. Mr. Chackerian is the Co-founder and the Partner at TMS Health Solutions, a provider of medical treatment for people suffering from resistant depression. Ara is a philanthropist as well. He is a Managing Partner at ASC Capital Holdings, LLC, which focuses on investments in early stages for healthcare companies. Before joining the TMS Health Solutions team, Ara Chackerian has always been involved in entrepreneurship and investment matters. Ara Chackerian has over 20 years’ experience in building the healthcare companies because of his genuine interest in health-tech and the services. Some of the companies he has helped include BMC Diagnostics, PipelineRx, Embion Links, and currently the TMS Health Solutions. Ara Chackerian has a great commitment to the environmental cause and such ventures. The company offers diverse psychiatric services for people that suffer depression and dental health issues. It has specialized in helping individuals that take the time or rarely respond to medication. TMS health Solutions provides effective and innovative therapies to this kind of patients. For more details visit Ideamensch.

Ara Chackerian graduated with a B.S in Marketing from the Florida State University. He believes in giving back to the community. In the recent years, Ara Chackerian has supported and founded youth development and education initiatives that are nonprofit. As a successful entrepreneur, Ara Chackerian says that what makes his productivity count is the fact that whenever he finds an obstacle, he stays calm and thinks about it from a natural perspective. The approach that he uses in making him work well is the fact that he had a great clinical practice in psychiatry. After launching the business, Ara Chackerian ensured that the physician education would be part of the program. The company sourced some academic leaders from different and well-known research institutions and educated the team at TMS Health Solutions. One of the significant ideas that Ara Chackerian puts across is connecting the basic care providers with the behavioral health service providers. This will ensure that special care is given to the depression patients in a pleasant and more elaborate manner.

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Bob Reina: One of The Truly Good Guys

The world is constantly on the lookout for good men and good women. They are becoming increasingly difficult to find as more and more people are looking out for themselves and only themselves. It is why someone like Bob Reina is such a breath of fresh air. He is someone that never puts himself first and always puts others first. It has become a life mission for him to help others, save others, and do whatever is within his power to help people. He knows the world needs it, and if they need it, he wants to provide it with Talk Fusion, the award-winning company known for its tech, voice, and data.

This is the way of the world now and for a lot of people, they are struggling to adapt to it. They might have worked for a particular type of company that might no longer be useful or no longer be popular. In some ways, it is like video stores. While there are video stores around, they are not around as much as they used to be and they are definitely on the way out especially with companies like Redbox. This is why Bob Reina wants people to have a plan B in their life. The plan B is Talk Fusion. Learn more:

There are a lot of creative people out there and the creative folks just need the right outlet to express it and they need to feel comfortable expressing it. Talk Fusion is the outlet where creativity, being different, and thinking outside the box is encouraged. It is how people get ahead in today’s world. They stand out and they are not like everyone else. After all, it is no fun being like everyone else. It is much more fun to be a trendsetter and someone that does things just a little bit differently.

That is Bob Reina. He made a record-breaking donation to the Tampa Bay Humane Society because he truly loves animals and cares for them. He shows the same level of understanding and compassion for humans. He loves everyone with the same amount of conviction.