Doe Deere Brought New Things to the Makeup World

When Doe Deere started Lime Crime, she knew what she wanted to do. She liked bold colors and felt good about putting the colors on her body. She also liked helping people see they could make things better even if they were doing their best at fun makeup. For Doe Deere, the point of doing all this was so people had a chance. When she started creating fun looks, she didn’t have a chance to make them the way she wanted. Instead, she had to rely on toxic makeup and colors that were anything but fun.


The boring color problem made it easy for Doe Deere to choose which colors she wanted in her makeup line. She had a lot of hope for the future when it came to fun colors in makeup and that’s part of what motivated her to make it for others. As long as Doe Deere knew what people wanted, she felt good about the choices she had. She also felt there were things she could do that people would understand because they wanted other makeup choices than what they could find from drug stores and makeup companies.


Lime Crime offers more colors than any other makeup brand in the world. Doe Deere made sure the company had everything people were looking for so they didn’t need to worry about how they were going to choose the right makeup. It was her goal of always offering people the chance to do more that gave her the ability to show offer her style. The style she has is unlike any other person in the makeup industry. For Doe Deere, the point of doing everything right is helping other people see what they can get from the makeup company. It’s her goal to always make things easier for people to see what they can do.


While Doe Deere continues creating new makeup looks, she’s also expanding the products she has to offer. The products are all different and give people the chance to do more looks than ever before. As long as Doe Deere knows what people want, she can keep making it. The makeup is always changing. Since Doe Deere wants to bring new and fun colors in all the time, she constantly adds to the brand. She hopes to one day be a full-service makeup company in every country around the world.


For years, Doe Deere knew what she wanted to do. She focused on different things and it helped her make all the best choices. There were times when everyone could see the things that were happening in the makeup industry, but Doe Deere knew what it meant to be independent. She doesn’t rely on anyone but herself for success. As long as Doe Deere is in charge, she knows what she can give herself. It helps her see all the positive parts of running a business that has something for everyone. As Doe Deere kept doing things the right way, she felt good about the makeup she had for them. Learn more:

Doe Deere Defines Success As A Process Of Reinvention and Evolution

It takes more than a vision and passion in order for a business idea to prosper. According to Doe Deere, CEO and founder of Lime Crime Cosmetics, success starts with making other people happy. It also requires that you allow your vision, your brand and yourself to evolve and become reinvented- repeatedly. Deere’s path to success is one that exemplifies the importance of innovation, as her cosmetic products started off as an envisioning of a clothing line.


The “Unicorn Queen” of colors in the beauty industry studied fashion design in New York City, using that knowledge to design her own independent clothing line. In 2004, Deere created an eBay account, using Lime Crime as her account handle. From there, she created her first digital store which began to consistently generate sales after only one year of operation.


While self-promoting professional using YouTube videos, she noticed that bold and vivid colored cosmetics were difficult to come by. That was because most of the makeup brands that dominate the market at that time were only producing neutral-toned makeup. But because it was important that the color of her makeup matched the intensity of her clothes to complete the style, this lacking in the marketplace inspired her to create her own products and launch her cosmetic line in 2008.


While her clothing line was successful, the makeup line far exceeded Deere’s expectations in terms of performance in sales. This led her to shift her focus from fashion to cosmetics. Even though her original passion was in fashion design, she allowed herself to remain flexible so it could lead her to cosmetics. She listened to her customer demands, and used them as a way to strengthen her brand while remaining true to her core values.


The biggest success of Lime Crime Cosmetics occurred as a response to Deere’s further willingness to evolve. Both PETA and Leaping bunny, the most stringent certifier in the industry, have certified the entire line of Lime Crime cosmetics as Vegan and Cruelty-Free. More recently, Lime Crime introduced an entirely new product to the market:liquid-to-matte lipstick. This innovation in cosmetics stays on all day and does not crumble or transfer. While creating a new category in makeup that competitors are anxious to explore, Deere surfaced as a revolutionary entrepreneur and her brand has a global audience because it is fine-tuned to the demands of its’ customers.


The biggest challenge that Deere had to overcome in business involved in an unfortunate security breach that resulted in the theft of some of her customer’s information. Even though neither negligence nor failure on Deere’s part contributed to the event, she felt personally responsible and decided to take action. Deere and her team rallied relentlessly to restore customer trust, taking multiple measures to educate customers and provide increased security. Although she declares that was the most difficult task to endure, she also asserts that she gained a more intimate level of understanding of her clients, is not taught her a lot, but will provide guidance for Lime Crime moving forward. Even though the event was challenging, the flexibility of Deere and her team allowed for her to benefit from the occurrence.


In the end, remaining flexible and allowing the business and brand to evolve through reinvention is how Deere has emerged as a global brand. In the process of allowing the process to dictate the direction, Lime Crime has secured a niche in cosmetics that no other brand is competing in. Not only does Lime Crime serve as model of successful business through evolution, Doe Deere has paved the way for other women-owned businesses to follow.