Karl Heideck: Demystifying Success In Law Pratice

Succeeding as an attorney can be an arduous task without the right ingredients of success. Karl Heideck, a preeminent attorney in the Greater Philadelphia Area, believes that acquainting yourself with bar requirements for the state that you intend to practice law is one of the primary drivers of success in the industry. It is also important to understand and choose wisely the specific area of law that you intend to specialize. The highly experienced and versatile attorney also advises that aspiring lawyers should not only endeavor to create connections; they should value and use them effectively. Whether with a fellow student or lecturer, every connection is important. Moreover, grasping the mechanics of success in the field also requires aspiring lawyers to be highly inquisitive.

According to Karl Heideck, understanding the lateral law market is important when it comes to succeeding as a lawyer. Law students are also advised to get high grades, which will be crucial in being hired as a summer associate. Law students are encouraged to avoid the urge of being choosy when seeking for employment. Rather, they are advised to be kind, humble, honest and diligent.

Academic and Education Background

Karl Heideck has over the years developed a reputation as one of the leading litigators in the Greater Philadelphia Area. His preeminence is founded a solid academic background and years of practice as a licensed litigator. He attended Swarthmore College where he graduated in 2003 with a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature. He later furthered his education at Temple University – James E. Beasley School of Law where he specialized in law after graduating in 2009 with a Juris Doctor degree.

After graduation, Karl Heideck was brought on board by Conrad O’Brien in 2010 as a summer associate. The multi-skilled lawyer later joined Pepper Hamilton LLP for close to four years as a project attorney. After leaving the firm in 2014, Karl Heideck joined the innovative law services firm, Hire Counsel in 2015. At the firm, he has continued to lend his excellent legal writing and research skills as a contract attorney attached to Grant & Eisenhofer. He is an excellent law teacher, arbitrator and mediator.