Protecting the Public and Securing Correctional Facilities with Securus Technologies Wireless Containment Solutions

Securus Technologies is an industry leader when it comes to providing civil and criminal justice technology solutions. These solutions are designed to enhance public safety as well as to aid in criminal investigation, corrections, and offender monitoring.


One of the Securus Technologies solutions offered to correctional institutions is its Wireless Containment Solutions. This Securus Technologies solution is designed to detect and then prevent an incarcerated person from utilizing an illicit cell phone or mobile device.


A major problem in this day and age is the use of cell phones and mobile devices by inmates. These offenders manage to get these communication devices smuggled into correctional facilities. The rate at which mobile devices end up inside correctional institutions is shockingly high.


Securus Technologies is highly committed to developing its Wireless Containment Solutions. The company has invested over $40 million to date in developing this important technology.


Securus Technologies is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. At the present time, Securus Technologies serves over 3,450 public safety, law enforcement and corrections agencies in North America. Its solutions address the needs associated with and over 1.2 million inmates at this time.


The story of former Florida corrections officer Robert Johnson helps to illustrate the vital importance of controlling the introduction and use of cell phones in correctional facilities. Johnson was on duty at a Florida correctional institution when he came upon a box filled with contraband that was headed into the institution. The value of the contraband was thought to be about $50,000.


Because of the efforts of Johnson, the contraband never reached inmates. However, the inmate that made arrangements for the introduction of the contraband decided he would seek revenge upon Johnson. The inmate had access to an illicit cell phone inside the institution.


The inmate contacted one of his fellow gang members outside the institution, using the illicit phone he smuggled into the facility. Through this mobile phone communication, the inmate arranged a hit on correctional officer Johnson.


Johnson was preparing to go to work one morning after the hit was arranged when the gang member broke into Johnson’s home and shot the correctional officer multiple times. Johnson nearly died from the assault.


In the aftermath of the attack on Johnson, and the near taking of his life, Johnson began a crusade to keep cell phones and other mobile devices out of correctional facilities. The stark reality is that the attempt on Johnson’s life is only one example among multiple instances in which someone from within a correctional facility has been able to arrange criminal activity in the “real world” using a mobile phone smuggled into a correctional institution. Johnson advocates for the utilization of technology like the Securus Technologies Wireless Containment System to protect the public and better secure correctional facilities.