The Many Collaborative Creative Minds of Academy of Art Students

Creativity Through Collaboration


Following one student’s inspiring story, the importance of collaboration is revealed. Kevin Chen has always found great enjoyment in the act of building. Drawing has always fallen in line with that desire. The Academy of Art University’s school of industrial design attracted this student due to the school’s open door policy for applicants. Chen really liked the fact that, as long as students were willing to work hard, anyone and everyone could be given the same chance to prove themselves and succeed.

When Kevin originally started at the school, he knew next to nothing about design itself. This included how to sketch. The school worked to build his ability to draw and design effectively from the ground up. He got to work on exciting projects for top companies, such as the chance to show off his skills by designing concept art for a new Chrysler automobile. Being able to showcase his skills in this type of project while attending really added to the passionate drive of Chen. The opportunity also allowed him to create work that he could put in his portfolio, in order to add to the diversity of his skill set even more.

Academy of Art University (AAU) has a strong vision and mission to uphold the highest standards for their students. Those who attend AAU hail from all over the world, seeking the accredited degrees from a respected art related school. The academy not only accepts open applications from students living in many countries, they also employ instructors from all over the world as well. The reach of AAU is truly global and it shows in the work that its graduates put out there upon entering the workforce. AAU does everything they can to ensure students are placed post-graduating, with comprehensive portfolio workshops and the ability to give students real time critique to improve their work.